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Unlimited access with Credit Manager

Credit Manager gives you unlimited access to your Experian credit report and credit score, e-mail notification of report changes, plus interactive tools to help you make good credit decisions.

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What a great deal!

If you don't need unlimited access your your credit information, purchase a one-time, online copy of your Experian Credit Report and Credit Score for just $14.95. Make sure your information is accurate and fix any errors before applying for your next loan.

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Credit Advice

Improving your credit

 Would you like to learn winning strategies for paying down your debt? Should you consolidate debt? Is declaring bankruptcy the right thing for you? Use calculators and check out helpful tips.

Credit basics

Educate yourself about credit — how it works, the different types of credit, and what the fine print really means. Learn what a credit score is and how it affects you, plus everything you need to know about a credit report.

Major purchases

Thinking of buying a car or a home? Financing a college education? Find out how your credit profile impacts major purchases.

Article Library

Choose from a list of over 40 credit articles.


Frequently Asked Questions about credit


Glossary of credit terms.