CreditExpert- Credit Expert

CreditExpert (Credit Expert) protects your information over the Internet by using a secure web server, which allows web browsers to interact with Experianís web server via a secure mechanism.

CreditExpert employ a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that provides an encrypted connection between your computer and CreditExpert. The 128 bit encrypted connection scrambles ordinary text or data to safeguard sensitive information during its journey across the Internet. The information is decrypted, or put back into a readable format, when it reaches its intended destination.

Depending on which browser you use, you will know you are in a secured area by “https” or a lock appearing on your CreditExpert screen. When you visit CreditExpert, you may move in and out of secured areas. Any time that you are on a registration page or viewing your credit report at Credit Expert, you will be in a secured area.